Yulin cruel dog meat festival!

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Yulin Dog Meat Festival will happen again on June 21, 2017 – 10,000 dogs will be tortured, and then eaten – This cruel festival started in 2010 and it must be stopped.

I have attached my protest which I organized at Lafayette Square, across from the White House, on the following day, Saturday, May 20th from 1-4 PM ESTD. It is critical to sign the petition, or join the protest on Friday against the Yulin festival. Tick tock. There is another coming up in South Korea called Boknal. I have been to congress twice. I spoke at the last congressional hearing. What people do not realize in parts of China it is Yulin everyday. Especially in the Changchun province. I work with a rescue in Changchun. Dogs and cats are tortured daily in China, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, etc. Crammed in cages so tight that bones are broken, some die in transit as they are sick and dehydrated. Torture is horrific, dogs are skinned alive, dismembered alive, crucified, boiled alive. I could go on and on as I have sat through graphic videos at Congress.

I encourage you to sign the petitions and go to both protests if you can. My protest is part of a global protest for Global Animal Compassion Week. My protest supports House Resolution 30 which condemns the dog and cat meat trade in China, and Yulin, but I also support House Resolution 1406 which would make it illegal to kill dogs and cats for consumption in 44 states in the US. I am working with Congressmen Alcee Hastings from Florida who supports both resolution. Yes it is legal in the US in 44 states to kill dogs and cats for consumption. I need support at my protest. I have friends coming from Florida, North Carolina, Hampton, VA. And I have 25 Marc Ching T-shirts for my first 25 protestors. They are red so we stand out. If you cannot get off work Friday to make the protest at the Chinese embassy which is important to stop the upcoming Yulin festival, then please consider coming to mine on Saturday. This barbaric torture of our companion animals has to end, and yes it does happen in the US too, especially in Hawaii. Write, email, call your congressman in support of the two resolutions.

Thank you!
Lou Ann

The election of President Moon in South Korea is a significant achievement as he is the first president who is an animal advocate. Taiwan has banned eating of dogs, I hope South Korea soon follows and then China. Vietnam will be difficult I think. I have two dogs rescued from the meat trade. My first Amos came from SoiDog. My latest dog Aaron Lee, was the first dog Nami Kim rescued from a 300 dog slaughterhouse. The dogs are kept in darkness and in cages without touching ground. So their paws may be deformed from walking on wire. When Nami rescues them she has to put towels over their eyes as they have not been exposed to sunlight. Aaron Lee still has nightmares. So please support both protests if you can. The more pressure we can put on China, the better chance we have of ending this act of cruelty. Please share and I am on Facebook.

Thank you so much.
Lou Ann

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Yulin Dog Meat Festival will happen again on June 21, 2017 – 10,000 dogs will be tortured and then eaten. This cruel festival started in 2010 and it must be stopped.


Many of you have already signed this, but for those of you who have not, please consider signing and posting to all. There is a huge demonstration planned in Washington DC on May 19, as well as other cities throughout the country. There is legislation that has been drafted, and the Yulin festival is for both dogs and cats.

"Yulin Dog Meat Festival will happen again on June 21, 2017. 10,000 dogs will be tortured and then eaten. This cruel festival started in 2010, and it must be stopped." and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

Our goal is to reach 1,000,000 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:

https://www.change.org/p/yulin-dog-m…l_respon sive




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