Yellow chalk like poop

Hey guys! So I work ata pet store and usually get my Cocker Spaniel (8 years old) some Butcher Block Champs, like a femur basically and have never had any issues. Two days ago I came home with this massive Butcher Block Knuckle for fun and didn’t think anything of it for him and our Cocker Spaniel puppy (6 month).

I just took him out (8 year old) and he pooped out a massive, rock hard yellow turd. It looked funny so naturally I grabbed a stick to poke at it. The stick broke. I got another stick and when I finally cracked it opened it was like dust. Chalk. It’s weird. I walked around the yard and found another poop that look pretty new that also had a chunk of hard yellow chalk poop in it as well.

What would cause this? He sucked that knuckle clean in a few hours, calcium maybe? Our puppy had a knuckle as well and is fine. As I’m typing this though I realize that was a dumb mistake. I didn’t need two of these knuckles in the house when the puppy probably barely made a dent in the goods, I’m sure 8 year old sucked two knuckles clean that night..

I am a helicopter mom and he has REALLY bad luck, so I don’t know if I should panic or wait it out a couple of days though.

He isn’t acting strange, just as happy and go lucky as usual.

Help please!

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