River Rouge negro tortures, burns dog alive for biting son

RIVER ROUGE, Mich. (WJBK) – A family pet is tortured and burned
alive and horrified neighbors say it was the dog’s owner who
committed the horrific deed.

A 27-year-old man was arrested Tuesday night in River Rouge for
setting his fiancé’s one year old Shih Tzu on fire. Neighbors
and Police say the man set the small dog on fire in the back
yard of this home on East James Street.

Apparently, the dog bit their son, and the guy snapped.

"He’s been dealing with mental issues for years and he just
recently had a death in his family," the man’s fiancé said.

The fiancé says she had been cleaning the house in the front,
and by the time she realized what happened, her one year dog
could not be saved.

"I’m very heartbroken by this because he is not this type of
person," she said.

Neighbors said they came to help put the fire out and then
called police.

"Animals are just like human beings they have a right to live
also. Something done like that is horrible," she said.

The man remains in police custody.

The child who was bit by the dog did not receive any injuries.

Det. Sgt. Dasumo Mitchell says there are several ways the man
could have handled the situation, especially with it being a
small dog.

"In a situation like that, you would always call the police
department or animal control. They’ll come out and investigate
the scene, take the dog for safe keeping, and have the dog
checked. But to result to that type of…is unacceptable,"
Mitchell said.

The man’s fiancé is shocked, embarrassed by what happened. She
said she loves animals and is heartbroken over the loss of her
dog, Brandy. She said she had to explain the tragedy to her
young son.

Investigators are taking the case to the prosecutor’s office.
The man could be facing animal cruelty charges.


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