Re: Took my dog to be spayed and she died

Tuesday March 28 2018, I just got home from telling Sasha, my 2 year old baby girl [yellow lab/ border collie] good bye for the last time, took her in to get spayed and she never woke up. Vet said she died of heart attack, she was so scared when I was leaving her, and now my guilt is breaking my heart, I have spent every day for 2 years with her because of my med conditions and she was my best friend, I will never forget her companionship she gave me and will also never forget the look of sadness as I was leaving her there, I know some will disagree with me but I will never leave another friend alone like that, I will just deal with the heat cycle as they, cannot take another broken heart from losing family again, Thank you for listening, it is just so hard to except the lose.

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