Re: Took my dog to be spayed and she died

On Tuesday, May 16, 1995 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-7, Jeff Sikes wrote:
> I only had Indy(a one-year old stray) for two months and I decided it
> was time to have her spayed before I moved out to the country and let
> her roam. Today I took her to the vet, gave her to the vet and didn’t
> even consider that I might never see her alive again. Several hours
> later, I received a call that Indy wasn’t breathing on her own, and
> that I should come right away. I went and stayed with her for several
> hours, in which she stopped breathing so many times I can’t count
> them.
> The vet said that Indy must have had distemper or something as a pup
> (she was a stray I picked up) and something happened to her lungs.
> After several more hours of assisted breathing, the vet finally
> suggested that we let her pass away. I asked him to try a little
> longer, and he did. But it didn’t help.
> Indy died because of some stupid operation that was only necessary
> because it was convenient for me as an owner. She was completely
> happy before I took her in, and now I regret even considering the
> operation. I don’t think I can ever forgive myself.
> I have talked about Indy’s little behavior quirks on this newsgroup,
> and wanted to thank everyone for their help. She had very bad
> separation anxiety and many of you helped with that problem.
> Jeff

My pup Lilly 11 mos old died yesterday after her spay surgery. We had pre op testing done all checked out fine. After her surgery she was in recovery and woke up had to pee while she peed she had a heart attack. Vet revived her, then later she had another attack, they revived her, then later she had the 3rd attack and she died. I am so sick over this. She was my baby, full of life and so kissy lovey I miss her I have been crying for two days. I see her face every time I close my eyes so I cant sleep I even took a pill to help me sleep and I couldnt sleep…i see her every where I go in the house. How do i get over this loss…How could she die??? she was healthy!! Im so very very sad.

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