Re: St. Francis Terriers = Pitbulls

I know this is an old post, but want it to be known….Originally these dogs or similar were called St Francis Terriers. Read up on history
They are protectors of home and property, baby sitter, police and military dogs, etc etc. They were brought to the US by before the Civil War by immigrants from Britain (Europe). The "bad reputation they have is due to the humans that abused and killed them for their entertainment…..They are very intelligent, obedient, want to please, protective of not only family, but especially smaller children they feel are in danger that they may not even know. They are very alert and instinctive. They know what Love is and will give it back 100 tenfold and more.

Wednesday, February 4, 1998 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-5, Killian O’Rourke wrote:
> I read in the news that some group in California is trying to place
> homeless pit bulls in the area, but are calling them "St. Francis
> Terriers" instead of pit bulls. This is dishonest and misleading. The
> animals are pit bulls, period. This was tried already by the group
> who renamed them American Staffordshire Terriers, but everyone I’ve
> met who has a Staffy (including show people) calls the dog a pit bull.
> Why are you pit bull people ashamed of your breed? There is no such
> thing as a "St. Francis Terrier". Most of those mentioned in the news
> article were strays or taken right out of dog-fighting pits. It is
> dangerous, misleading and irresponsible as hell to pass these dogs
> off as anything other than what they are: dangerous pit-fighting
> animals.
> In the wake of the NC incident where three pit bulls (and yes, they
> *were* pits) mauled and killed a schoolgirl, it’s time for society to
> wake up and recognize that this vicious breed has no place in our
> society. How many more deaths will occur before that happens?

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