Re: Siberian Husky won’t stay home!

On Sunday, August 2, 1998 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-7, Jill Finley wrote:
> I have a 4 1/2 year old female Husky that will not stay home. I adopted her
> from my brother, who did not have the room for her. He never worked with
> her, or made her mind, so she pretty much does as she pleases.
> I thought if we took her in and paid attention to her, she would come around
> and WANT to stay here. My kids play with her and we brush her every day.
> We are animal lovers, and we have tried to dote on her and spoil her with
> treats.
> We have 5 acres and have installed invisible fencing for her to run. At
> first, she knew where her boundries were. Recently, she has decided to run
> through the boundry, no matter how high the "correction" is. We have
> upgraded our collar to a "Stubborn Dog" collar, and she still insists on
> leaving.
> She always comes home, but that is not the problem. She is a very good
> hunter, but doesn’t limit her kills to wild animals. She also likes cats.
> I’m also afraid she will start going after the fawns in the area also. I
> also don’t want to make enemies with my neighbors, as we live in an
> agricultural area.
> Can someone PLEASE give me some advice? We love her dearly, especially my
> kids, but we can’t keep her if she won’t stay home. She yelps and barks
> uncontrollably when tied up, and I refuse to keep her in a cage.
> If someone is interested in giving her a good home, you can also contact
> me.
> Thank you.
> Jill Finley

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