Re: Panting. Even when cold. No enlarged heart

On Wednesday, May 28, 2003 at 9:56:27 PM UTC+5:30, Jamie Wakefield wrote:
> Been reading these groups for a few days looking for an answer, but
> everything similar points to an enlarged heart and he doesn’t have
> one.
> Our Sheltie Merlin is panting all the time, and has labored breathing
> even when sleeping.
> He has always drunk more water than any of our other 3 dogs, even as a
> puppy. And this continues to this day. He drinks water all the time,
> and even needs a drink in the middle of the night lately.
> Right now, its about 50-70 degrees most days with evenings in the
> lower range, and he still pants like its a hundred degrees out.
> We’ve taken him in for tests and they have found nothing. Blood work
> done twice and x-rays right now have been sent off to a specialist to
> look at them. His heart rate seemed normal, no murmurs, no enlarged
> heart according to the x-rays.
> Right now they’re looking for fluid in the lungs but the vets couldn’t
> come to an agreement on if the chest was congested or not so they have
> sent the x-rays out for more opinions.
> His eyes are not bulging and he doesn’t seem to pee any more than
> usual. He hasn’t thrown up any food and his appetite is just fine. He
> seems to be okay on energy, but I get the feeling he is leery of
> running as it makes him pant even more, but he does do it on occasion,
> like when all the dogs go running outside barking at some imaginary
> foe in the back yard.
> He did have a one degree temperature.
> Some questions for anyone who might be able to shed some light for me.
> 1. Any ideas? Anything at all?
> 2. Do dogs get Asthma? Should I just get an inhaler and find a way to
> get him to use that? (kidding, but I’m desperate here)
> 3. Would a urine or stool sample help at all? My vet doesn’t think so,
> but I’m desperate. I’ll try anything if it will help.
> 4. Any other tests anyone can recommend?
> Thanks
> Jamie C. Wakefield

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