Re: Mini Schnauzer with BAD Breath

On Sunday, January 28, 1996 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-5, Cheryl Rowe wrote:
> I own a very affectionate 5 year old minature schnauzer, who loves
> attention and affection, and we have no problem what so ever responding
> to his affection, but we have just one BIG problem!! Schnitzie has really
> bad breath.
> I’ve had conversations with friends of mine who are fellow
> schnauzer owners, and they have found the same problem. We’ve tried doggy
> toothpastes and breath sprays, but nothing seems to be helping. The vet
> has told us that one of the few ways to get rid of the problem would be
> to have his teeth cleaned. We would do this in a instant, but for those
> of you who have also been given this advice know that it is VERY
> expensive to have done, at least it is here in Newfoundland. If there are
> other schnauzer owners out there who have encountered this problem and
> have some other advice, both Schnitzie and myself would be very
> appreciative!! He loves his attention and affection and wouldn’t be too
> pleased if he had to go without! 🙂 Of course we’d NEVER think of doing
> that to our baby, but his breath is becoming intolerable!!
> Any advice is more than welcome!!
> Cheryl Rowe & Schnitzie
> St.John’s
> Newfoundland, Canada
> —

My mini schnauzer has always had bad breath. We had her teeth cleaned 2 years ago and that DIDN’T help one bit. I was wondering if we gave her probiotics for her guts if that would help.

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