Re: Bouviers

On Friday, January 27, 1995 at 9:39:29 PM UTC-5, LILHUTCH wrote:
> I’m looking for a Bouvier puppy in early summer. Have located Chantal’s
> Bouviers. Anyone know anything about her or anyone else? Also, anyone
> know anything good bad or indifferent about the breed, besides they’re big
> and have lots of hair. Please, any info would be appreciated.

They breed nice puppies as well as training dogs for canine good citizen.
They are excellent guard dogs but very good with kids but can knock little ones over by bumping into them by accident. need to be brushed daily or the will mat however if you do it regularly it could only take 10 minutes with a once a week longer brushing and combing. they do not do well left at home all day by them self they do need training. great breed but not for first time dog owner or someone not use to strong willed dogs.

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