Re: bleeding 13 year old female dog, Normal?

On Monday, October 1, 2001 at 1:43:56 PM UTC-4, KauilaPolu wrote:
> >From: "Nancy"

> Why isn’t she spayed? You have already increased her chances of getting ovarian
> cancer by not spaying her. Damn. Take her to the vet, get her checked and IF
> she is okay to have the spaying done, GET it done.
> Don’t you love this dog? If you do, get her spayed if she isn’t already paying
> the price for your neglect. If you don’t intend to get her help..PLEASE call a
> local rescue or spca because she stands a better chance on death row than in
> your non care

who spays there dog "because they love them" …you dont love your dog if you fix them…smh….how would you like to be "fixed"?

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