Re: Bichon Frise that BITES!

On Saturday, 6 April 1996 01:00:00 UTC-7, James Blake Jones wrote:
> We got our Bichon Frise at the Humane Society. Big mistake! It bites
> the hand that feeds it. I can’t believe we named it Einstein.
> We have tried everything. We sprayed him with water. We sprayed him
> with Bitter Apple. We shook him by the scruff of his neck. We even
> hired a dog psychiatrist. He still bites.We even tried Prozac.
> HELP!!!!!!!
> He’s a two year old neutered male. Even though he only weighs 12
> pounds, his bite hurts. Any ideas? He bites only his owners. He bites
> when he is crossed or groomed. We don’t want to send Einstein back to
> the pound. What can we do?

We got our Bishion Fris at the human society as well, our little male is 2 yrs old and neutered . We have had him for just over a year. my issue is i run a home daycare and he is amazing with all the kids they could seriously pull his ears poke his eyes and he would just kiss them. but adults he is scared to death of!!! he barks like hes defending us from serious danger and i do believe he would bite if i wasnt in the room!!! I seriously hope this behavior dosent last forever!

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