bleeding 13 year old female dog, Normal?

What a nasty thing to say to this poor dog owner some peopledont like to put their bitches through such a major op that may I add could kill them doing so.. So give them a break my mums dog an American beagle was 16 when she passed and was never spayed!! She came to know harm and she was euthanised because she was having mini strokes and cancer of the spine.. wash your potty mouth out so nasty… yes the owner should take her to the vet but shouldn’t have to endure your cruel comments

dog’s nose wearing off!

My little dog who is 15 now has this happening also for about the past year or so. So bizarre! He doesnt do anything to create this and it doesnt seem to bother him. It looks as though he drags it on the cement driveway. Lol (No sores or discoloration)

Re: Gagging after drinking water

On Friday, January 28, 2000 at 2:00:00 AM UTC-6, CCDOX wrote:
> My dog sometimes gags after drinking water. Does anyone else’s dog do this?
> Does anyone know why this would happen? I am not assuming that it is a major
> problem or indication of sickness (one of the few times I have not run to the
> vet when my baby does something out of the ordinary!) – I hope I am correct in
> this assumption!
> Thank you for your responses/insights.
> Dorothy and C.C., a very spoiled dachshund


Looking for a temporary home for my dog.

Hi. I am looking for a temporary home for my dog, as we are being evicted for having her there, I can assure you, she is a kind, loving dog that wouldn’t hurt a fly. She can be a bit barkative, but that’s with all dogs. If interested please e-mail me on <a . Thank you for your consideration.


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