fleas and tricks

Hi everyone, I’m Gale.. I need your help… about my dog. I know how hard it is, having fleas and tricks. Any suggestion what product is the best for this?..

Thank you…

Re: CKC registration????

On Monday, May 17, 1999 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-7, N. Ellington wrote:
> I just bought a puppy and the breeder told me it was CKC registered rather
> that AKC registered. Anyone ever heard of this group? Doesn’t really
> matter-I just wanted the dog for pet quality.
> Niki


1 YR male GSD Aggressive towards Puppies

I have a 14 month old German Shepherd, unaltered (yes yes I know I know), who is amazing with other dogs, but not puppies. He loves the dog park, as well as some of my friends/family dogs. He gets along with almost every dog he meets, and never shows dominance unless it’s a baby. He is submissive to any dog that shows dominance and never fights with them. I have no idea why- he’s been around dogs since he was able to, he goes to day care, dog parks, and car rides almost every day. He just hates puppies! It makes me nervous the second a baby dog comes into the park and there has been occasional instances where he will either pin it to the floor ( luckily have never drawn blood) and other times he will ignore it completely and never even acknowledge it. I don’t know why he has this attitude, I am assuming because he is not a very dominant male, doesn’t mark, barely humps, and doesn’t even lift his leg to pee, so he is just taking the opportunity to be dominant where he can. Obviously this needs to be trained out and he needs to get it together around things that are younger than him. What should I do? I have a puppy visiting and obviously can not neuter him right this second so I need advice on how to control it ASAP and then neutering will be coming later.


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