Need parvo success stories

This was my home treatment plan for my one 8 week old Parvo puppy.

1. Take off work for the whole week. First 3 to 5 days are critical.
2. Purchase a syringe from the children’s medicine aisle at Walmart. Purchase pedialyte, turkey baby food, grade A honey, chamomile tea, vegetarian grass feed natural eggs, and organic red grapes. Purchase floor and laundry cleaners with bleach. Purchase many doggy diaper pads and and baby blankets..
3. Every 2 hours give puppy water or pedialyte with syringe. Wrap puppy in blanket and give water or pedialyte via children’s syringe. Then dip finger in honey and allow puppy to lick it every two hours. Every two hours for 3 days is a must or your puppy will die. This is why you must take vacation time away from work.
4. Twice a day make a soft boiled egg so yolk is warn and liquid. Dip finger in yolk and allow puppy to lick it. Do this in the morning and in the evening.
5. Twice a day dip finger in Turkey baby food and allow puppy to lick it.
6. Once a day, take one grape. Wash and remove skin. Break up into small pieces. See if puppy will eat it. Grapes kill microbacteria and are safe for dogs if skin is removed.
7. Wash floors with bleach solution every day. Virus can multiple and your puppy may worsen.
8. Change and wash blankets three times a day for first three days.
9.Try to make cool chamomile tea and see if puppy will drink via children’s syringe.
10. After day 5 when puppy feeling better and eating and drinking on own, introduce yogurt into diet since yogurt is a prebiotic. Good for the stomach..

My vet was shocked that my 1 pound chihuahua lived and survived Parvo. My vet approved this diet plan and attributed this plan to my puppy’s survival.

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