Dispute about dog poop leads to West Palm Beach man’s arrest

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – A dispute about dog poop led a West Palm
Beach man to punch and cut another man with a knife, police said.

Ricardo Garcia Sanchez was arrested early Wednesday morning on a
charge of aggravated battery.

According to a West Palm Beach police report, Stephen Caplan was
walking his dog in the parking lot of an apartment complex when
Garcia Sanchez, who was a maintenance worker there, started
arguing with him about his dog defecating on the property.

Police said the argument turned physical when Garcia Sanchez
grabbed Caplan by the neck and started to punch him.

Caplan told police that he tried to defend himself by putting
his hands in front of his face, but Garcia Sanchez pulled out a
carpenter’s knife and cut Caplan’s left hand.

Police said Garcia Sanchez admitted to confronting Caplan about
the dog poop after learning of complaints from several
residents, but he denied ever attacking Caplan or having a knife
and said he didn’t know how Caplan got the cut on his hand.

Garcia Sanchez claimed that Caplan struck him and threw his dog
at him during the confrontation, but Officer David Streigold
wrote in his report that the dog “was extremely docile towards
every person walking by.”

Residents told police they didn’t see the altercation, but they
heard the yelling.

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