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1.Alipes grandidieri "Red Feather-tailed
2.Ethmostigmus trigonopodus "E. African Blue-Ringed
3.Ethmostigmus trigonopodus “East African Yellow-legged
4.Parotostigmus rex "Amazon Yellow-legged
5.Rhysida longipes
6.Scolopendra alternans
7.Scolopendra alternans “Haitian Giant Centipede”
8.Scolopendra aztecorum "Aztec Ghost Centipede"
9.Scolopendra dehaani "Chinese Giant Red Dragon"
10 Scolopendra dehaani “SE Asian Giant Forest Centipede” (ORANGE-legged morph)
11.Scolopendra dehaani “
12.Scolopendra dehaani "Thai Giant Flame-tipped Legs"
13.Scolopendra dehaani "Yunnan Tricolor Death Crawler"
14.Scolopendra galapagoensis
15.Scolopendra gigantea
16.Scolopendra hainanum"Chinese Giant Tiger Leg Centipede",
17.Scolopendra hardwickei "Indian Giant Tiger Centipede"
18.Scolopendra heros "arizonensis" Arizona Giant Centipede"
19.Scolopendra heros "arizonensis" ("Arizona Giant Banded")
20.Scolopendra heros "castaneiceps" ("Texas Giant Red-headed")
21.Scolopendra heros "heros" ("Texas Giant Black-tailed")
22.Scolopendra mortisans "Egyptian Desert"
23.Scolopendra mortisans "Tanz. Black-headed Tiger Centipede"
24.Scolopendra mortisans "Tanz. Red-headed Tiger Centipede"
25.Scolopendra polymorpha "SW American Tiger Centipede"
26.Scolopendra polymorpha "Sky Island BLUE"
27.Scolopendra mutilans "Chinese Red Head" (yellow-legged morph)
28.Scolopendra mutilans "Chinese Red Head" (orange-legged morph)
29.Scolopendra subspinipes "Giant South Pacific Centipede"
30.Scolopendra valida "Socotra Giant Centipede (red-legged form)
31.Scolopendra valida "balfouri" – Socotra Giant Centipede
32.Scolopendra viridicornis nigra
33.Scolopendra viridicornis viridicornis
34.Scolopendra viridis “Florida Blue Centipede”
35.Scolopocryptops sexspinosus "Eastern Red Centipede"
36.Scutigera coleoptrata "House Centipede"


cane corso/rottweiler mix

I’m super late by years- but I just want to say I have a mix. She’s a beautiful service dog. The parents are important. All mixed dogs even if designer are subject to their parents temperament. Because it’s not being bread between these to follow a color or temperament it can change dramatically based on the dogs history.


Re: Panting. Even when cold. No enlarged heart

On Wednesday, May 28, 2003 at 9:56:27 PM UTC+5:30, Jamie Wakefield wrote:
> Been reading these groups for a few days looking for an answer, but
> everything similar points to an enlarged heart and he doesn’t have
> one.
> Our Sheltie Merlin is panting all the time, and has labored breathing
> even when sleeping.
> He has always drunk more water than any of our other 3 dogs, even as a
> puppy. And this continues to this day. He drinks water all the time,
> and even needs a drink in the middle of the night lately.
> Right now, its about 50-70 degrees most days with evenings in the
> lower range, and he still pants like its a hundred degrees out.
> We’ve taken him in for tests and they have found nothing. Blood work
> done twice and x-rays right now have been sent off to a specialist to
> look at them. His heart rate seemed normal, no murmurs, no enlarged
> heart according to the x-rays.
> Right now they’re looking for fluid in the lungs but the vets couldn’t
> come to an agreement on if the chest was congested or not so they have
> sent the x-rays out for more opinions.
> His eyes are not bulging and he doesn’t seem to pee any more than
> usual. He hasn’t thrown up any food and his appetite is just fine. He
> seems to be okay on energy, but I get the feeling he is leery of
> running as it makes him pant even more, but he does do it on occasion,
> like when all the dogs go running outside barking at some imaginary
> foe in the back yard.
> He did have a one degree temperature.
> Some questions for anyone who might be able to shed some light for me.
> 1. Any ideas? Anything at all?
> 2. Do dogs get Asthma? Should I just get an inhaler and find a way to
> get him to use that? (kidding, but I’m desperate here)
> 3. Would a urine or stool sample help at all? My vet doesn’t think so,
> but I’m desperate. I’ll try anything if it will help.
> 4. Any other tests anyone can recommend?
> Thanks
> Jamie C. Wakefield