Message From Faith Mantooth.

I shouldn’t have been too judgmental. I used to accuse Americans that they solved all of their problems by shooting people.

I ignored the fact that my hero, Adolf Hitler, thought he was solving his problems with the Holocaust.


Re: Bichon Frise that BITES!

On Saturday, 6 April 1996 01:00:00 UTC-7, James Blake Jones wrote:
> We got our Bichon Frise at the Humane Society. Big mistake! It bites
> the hand that feeds it. I can’t believe we named it Einstein.
> We have tried everything. We sprayed him with water. We sprayed him
> with Bitter Apple. We shook him by the scruff of his neck. We even
> hired a dog psychiatrist. He still bites.We even tried Prozac.
> HELP!!!!!!!
> He’s a two year old neutered male. Even though he only weighs 12
> pounds, his bite hurts. Any ideas? He bites only his owners. He bites
> when he is crossed or groomed. We don’t want to send Einstein back to
> the pound. What can we do?