My Beagle/Hound needs rehomed

Please help me find a new home for my Beagle/hound that was my sister’s and she is now deceased. I promised to bring her home with me and we have a Shepard/Lab that was in residence before she came. He is not accepting her and is aggressive with her. They can’t be together as he attacks her. Lucy Joy is happy, docile, loving, spayed, chipped, and all her vaccinations are up to date.


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Re: Took my dog to be spayed and she died

On Tuesday, May 16, 1995 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-7, Jeff Sikes wrote:
> I only had Indy(a one-year old stray) for two months and I decided it
> was time to have her spayed before I moved out to the country and let
> her roam. Today I took her to the vet, gave her to the vet and didn’t
> even consider that I might never see her alive again. Several hours
> later, I received a call that Indy wasn’t breathing on her own, and
> that I should come right away. I went and stayed with her for several
> hours, in which she stopped breathing so many times I can’t count
> them.
> The vet said that Indy must have had distemper or something as a pup
> (she was a stray I picked up) and something happened to her lungs.
> After several more hours of assisted breathing, the vet finally
> suggested that we let her pass away. I asked him to try a little
> longer, and he did. But it didn’t help.
> Indy died because of some stupid operation that was only necessary
> because it was convenient for me as an owner. She was completely
> happy before I took her in, and now I regret even considering the
> operation. I don’t think I can ever forgive myself.
> I have talked about Indy’s little behavior quirks on this newsgroup,
> and wanted to thank everyone for their help. She had very bad
> separation anxiety and many of you helped with that problem.
> Jeff


Re: St. Francis Terriers = Pitbulls

I know this is an old post, but want it to be known….Originally these dogs or similar were called St Francis Terriers. Read up on history
They are protectors of home and property, baby sitter, police and military dogs, etc etc. They were brought to the US by before the Civil War by immigrants from Britain (Europe). The "bad reputation they have is due to the humans that abused and killed them for their entertainment…..They are very intelligent, obedient, want to please, protective of not only family, but especially smaller children they feel are in danger that they may not even know. They are very alert and instinctive. They know what Love is and will give it back 100 tenfold and more.


Beautiful Tiny F2 Pomsky Puppies For Sale

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Red Toy Poodle Stud Pra Clear

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On Friday, March 15, 2002 at 11:10:14 AM UTC-4, Dave McKay wrote:
> Our tale of sadness of being a Bearded Collie owner
> Hello.
> Our names are Suzanne and David McKay. We live in West Chester, Pa, and
> have 4 children and a Shetland Sheepdog and 3 cats. In the spring of 2000,
> we purchased a Beardie pup from Kiltie Kennels, also in Pa. . We paid $800.