Yulin cruel dog meat festival!

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Yulin Dog Meat Festival will happen again on June 21, 2017 – 10,000 dogs will be tortured, and then eaten – This cruel festival started in 2010 and it must be stopped.


Re: Beautiful Akita puppies for sale

On Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 9:00:00 AM UTC+1, wrote:
> I am posting this for a friend. Any questions please call her. Located
> in NY on Long Island.
> Puppies are 8 weeks old. Boys and girls.
> Black and whites. One pure white female. Two red and white boys. One
> huge brindle male.
> Contact Lee @ 516-736-3918 for all questions. Thanks


Re: Puppy Stangles, AKA Juvenile Cellulitis

On Monday, August 28, 2000 at 2:00:00 AM UTC-5, Steve Voorhees wrote:
> I have a wonderful 13 week old Golden Retriever named ‘Rosie’. On Thursday
> she had various vaccines at the vets, including Rabies, Distemper Measles,
> Distemper-Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza,, and Canine Parovirus.
> She was fine that day and the next, however on Saturday morning she would
> just lay around, not eating or drinking and looking generally very sick. She
> is normally a very friendly, playful pup. I took her to my vet, and they
> didn’t know what was wrong but gave her some Azium, Amoxi, and a topical
> solution for her red ears.
> On Sunday she looked much worse. I took her to an emergency vet, and they
> diagnosed Puppy Strangles, also know as: Juvenile Cellulitis. She is know
> taking Predisone, Amoxi, and still the topical solution for the ears. She
> looks just awful, and doesn’t even walk. She will eat occasionally if hand
> fed, and does drink once in awhile now. My regular vet called me and pretty
> muched scoffed at the idea of something called "Puppy Strangles". Anyone out
> there have any experience or words of wisdom for us? I just noticed that a
> spot on her nose is bleeding. Sort of like a blister or postule.
> Thanks,
> Steve V.


SE Ohio Lab Mix 9 wk old

I need help finding a good home for my almost 10 week old lab mix. She is not unwanted or unloved. My cousin took in a stray and 2 days later it had babies this is one of those surprises, I fell in love! I brought her home at just 5 weeks old(mom ran off again). 1 week later I found out I had Kidney cancer and I immediately had to have my right kidney removed. I am trying to recover and it’s been harder than I thought and I’m going to have to have more surgeries. I need to find a good home for this dog. She is mostly potty trained and I try to work with her but I can’t much. She needs attention and exercise! She has plenty of bounding energy right now, she is very sweet but overpowers smaller dogs and probably would be too much for children at this age as everything is a toy! She is crate trained at night. She has her shots and is wormed, she will NOT be rehomed unless I’m sure it’s a forever home with good intentions, not tied to a tree outside or worse. Thank you- Danean