Looking for a temporary home for my dog.

Hi. I am looking for a temporary home for my dog, as we are being evicted for having her there, I can assure you, she is a kind, loving dog that wouldn’t hurt a fly. She can be a bit barkative, but that’s with all dogs. If interested please e-mail me on <a . Thank you for your consideration.


Help with info on bloodhounds

Hello all,

I wonder if someone could help me with info on bloodhounds for a narrative I am putting together. What are some common reasons bloodhounds will not be able to find the trail of a missing person from the missing person’s known starting point?


Shock Therapy.

Does anyone know if the following dog day care facility uses shock therapy?

Doggie Central
11818 Teale Street
Culver City, CA 90230.

I know shock therapy is effective but I don’t want to subject my pets to it.


Mini Schnauzer with B

We have an adorable, tiny (<7 lbs) mini schnauzer and she has dragon breath that makes other dogs wince in pain should they get a close up wiff. We have a health plan under Banfield where semi annual root scaling and planing are included as part of our $30/mo health plan. Sadly, the cleanings do very little to help the odorifferousness of our tiny Princess. It takes the barest edge off but within an hour it’s back to the knock a dragon down potency. Sadly, we’ve found nothing that works.